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Airbird & Napolian

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Joel Ford and Ian Evans are cross-country production duo, Airbird & Napolian. After collaborating on various recordings for the Software label, Joel and Ian are joining forces for a Cascine release, due out soon.


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We’ve had our eye on Brett since the fall of 2012. A friend in California shared with us an early single and we were hooked. Brett is five members, spread between D.C. and LA. Their brand of pop is premium and immediate.

Chad Valley

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Chad Valley is Hugo Manuel from Oxford, UK, one of the label's earliest and longest-standing artists. His music is triumphant in sound and rich in construct. With one of the strongest voices in modern music, Chad Valley is pure pop talent.


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Cuushe stays in constant motion. Raised in the culturally rich confines of Kyoto, she spent the years following childhood in neighboring Osaka before moving to Tokyo. Later, she would make London and then Berlin her home. Cuushe's material reflects her widespread travels, fusing her eastern roots and western reference points.

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Dazed/Gorilla vs Bear/Pitchfork/Spin

Ditt Inre

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Singing in their native tongue of Swedish, Ditt Inre are a perfect case study in pop music's ability to move past obvious things like language and lyrics. Ditt Inre comprises Hampus Klint and Einar Andersson.

Erika Spring

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Apart from her work with Au Revoir Simone, solo material by Brooklyn's Erika Spring explores the subjects of femininity, strength, love and conflict. On her debut EP for Cascine, Erika sets her signature sense of finesse against a backdrop of sturdier production and tougher beats.

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Essáy is Simon Schilling, a 23 year old producer from Heidelberg, Germany. Quickly building a global fan base through his absorbing brand of mid-tempo house music, Essáy's material stokes the heart and stirs the imagination.

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Earmilk/FADER/Last Gas Station/XLR8R

et aliae

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Very proud to welcome rising London producer et aliae to the roster. With musical intuition reaching well past her age, et aliae's self-assured marriage of melody and movement has begun to win her fans around the world.

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Jensen Sportag

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Jensen Sportag is Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig from Nashville. Their music straddles time periods, taking the best of each era and making it uniquely their own. Following an outstanding EP and a string of celebrated remixes, Jensen Sportag's debut album, Stealth of Days was released in November.


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Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson make music under the Kisses moniker from their hometown of LA. Their stamp on pop music is stylish and straightforward, set in a world of romantic fiction and wilting glamour.


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Following the release of a highly-acclaimed debut LP that pulled from references as wide as dancehall and minimal techno to commercial pop and modern composition, Stockholm's Korallreven join Cascine. Their new album is set against a hyper pop landscape gathering washes of melodic arpeggios and Far East influences.

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Lemonade is a band we've admired for years. Known for their consistently lush rhythms and sharp arrangements, their music is equal parts throwing back and pushing forward, always landing square in the pleasure centres. Their third album is due out in 2014 and promises to be their strongest offering yet.

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The Guardian/FADER/Filter/Pitchfork


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Created from sweeping instrumental rises and mountains of vocal builds, the music of David Kyhlberg from production duo, Sail A Whale, is a journey as melancholy as it is triumphant.


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RxGibbs makes music for space travel, late night car rides and thinking clearly about heavy things. Ron Gibbs from Michigan is one of Cascine's few electronic-only artists. His sound has become integral to the patchwork of the label.


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Based in Brooklyn, but with a sound influenced by European artists of the eighties and nineties, Selebrities is a band we think the absolute world of. Maria Usbeck owns vocal duties, Jer Robert Paulin plays guitar, his brother Josh handles bass, and Max Peterson oversees production.

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Dazed Digital/Dummy/FADER/Portals

School '94

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School '94 is among a new crop of Gothenburg artists who are redefining their city's sound from the inside out. Pulling from classic punk and modern pop reference points, the tracks are stripped down, honest and expertly played. Blue guitar curls mix with high, romantic basslines and pulsing percussion to provide a platform for Alice Botéus’ unbreakable vocals.

Shine 2009

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Shine 2009's music is effortlessly cool and utterly nonchalant. Their sound formed the very foundation of Cascine. The boys, Sami Suova and Mikko Pykari, also operate as leftfield electronic artist, Cup, and share a member with Finnish band Regina. Our Nation, their sophomore album, was released in October. Shine 2009 is from Helsinki.

Sun Angels

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Based in London, Sun Angels explores the fringes of emotion-driven electronic music. His releases swing from eurotrance to east coast rave to evoke a sense of shifting geographies and time zones.

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DUMMY/Gold Flake Paint/IMPOSE


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Wildarms is an electronic producer from New York who paints from a palette of breakbeats, nature samples and major key chord progressions. His material is woven with a sense of optimism, drawing references to both underground lounge parties and commercial hip-hop. Wildarms is Duncan Cooper, who also serves as associate editor at FADER.

Yumi Zouma

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Yumi Zouma are three friends from New Zealand now living internationally in New York and Paris. Their music is timeless, honest and direct. Their debut EP was Cascine's first release of 2014. New material is on track for fall.

Past Artists 

Keep Shelly in Athens

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Rush Midnight

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Southern Shores

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World Tour

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