Bell Towers moves curiously through the world of dance music as a DJ and producer. His sets flirt with 4/4 basement house, flimsy synthetic pop, cheap and chic funk, and emotional sunrise burnouts. He connects the dots and gives the floor his own idiosyncratic interpretation of 'dance music history'. You might've heard the tracks the first time around, but the point here is that you haven't heard them played like this. 

In his eight years as an artist/producer, he has tried on various shades of house, 80s- influence pop and sample disco — no two songs sound the same. With a deep catalogue of singles, Bell Towers now readies his debut LP. Junior Mix is on ode to escaping into (and out of) the emotional pits of dance floors, about finding a place in one night’s fantasy."

Junior Mix marks a stylistic shift for Bell Towers — a new vocal-heavy, pop-leaning sound, plus a new collaborative partnership between his go-to label, Munich’s Public Possession, and NYC-based pop imprint Cascine. Packed with earworm melodies, sharp basslines and wild cross-references in between genres, Junior Mix sees him explore his ability as a singer/songwriter to its full extent. It's bright, charming and a little bit mad.