Following a string of singles, Bergen, Norway four-piece Softcore untd. unveil their debut album, Bygger opp, river ned. With lyrics sung in their native Norwegian, the Softcore boys combine house, hip hop and experimental productions with undeniable fluidity — a precarious feat made effortless on the strength of raw talent and delivered with the confidence of youth.

'Bygger opp, river ned', which directly translates to "building up, tearing down," is the result of three years of making music as Softcore untd. It's a brash and at times dark album, even despite its relentless hooks and pop-minded moments. From the noisy opening of "Klarer ikke å se vekk,"  to the earworm singles "Mye mere" and "Gi meg tid," to the angelic falsetto of Nils Bech who features on "Går i blinde," Softcore untd. is pushing boundaries — all the while retaining their unmistakable sound.

Softcore untd. is Emir Hindic (of Sushi x Kobe), Mathias Humlen (aka FAKETHIAS), and Andreas Høvset (aka Charlie Skien) and Vetle Junker from the band Verdensrommet. The collaboration started in 2015, when Hindic saw Verdensrommet perform at a festival and approached them afterward, asking if he could add a verse on one of the band’s tracks. They agreed, and after finding a natural chemistry in the studio, a new collaboration began to take shape. Cascine first encountered Softcore in 2017 at one of their hometown shows — in a packed Bergen venue, with the boys on stage like baby vipers, performing songs that rolled around in our heads for days to follow. The next year, Cascine signed Softcore untd. to the label to release the standout singles "Sjansespill" and "Mye mere." These propulsive tracks served an preliminary introduction of Softcore untd. to North American audiences, illustrating the group’s raw energy and talent. Based in Bergen and Oslo, the group is now releasing their awaited debut album.