Over the last decade and a half, Michael David has made many kinds of records, but always with other people. David steps out from behind the Classixx moniker he shares with band member Tyler Blake to present a new EP, Melona, under his own name. It follows his inaugural EP, There In Spirit / Rain II, released last fall.

Melona culls together four crystalline tracks, replete with shimmering modular riffs and buoyant, propulsive rhythms. This is the score to a fading bonfire on some secluded beach ― guests nestling down, the moon overhead. The glistening title track stands alongside an undulating remix from Manchester selector Chris Massey. Meanwhile, the organic percussion on “Onewish” eventually gives way to softly building layers and a lush melody, drifting along with plenty of room to breathe. “Two Voices” closes the EP with a subtle groove. Originally released on vinyl by the UK label Is It Balearic?, Melona now sees a broader release via Cascine, the label that releases David’s Mt. Si project — his collaboration with fellow LA-based artists Sarah Chernoff and Jesse Kivel.

Last year, David released his debut EP, There In Spirit / Rain II. Across the EP, David bends and melds organic instrumentation into something layered and spectral: guitars chop and glimmer, and beats cascade and push forward. His music is the sound of a mind searching through time, exhuming memories and emotions to try and know, recapture, reclaim, and most importantly, feel. Recorded primarily on an Eloquencer sequencer, and mixed in part by Joakim, the EP's title tracks are accompanied with two different takes on "Rain II" — an alternate, slow version and a remix by Jex Opolis.