splitting time
splitting time
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kuru's first proper EP is a six-tracker titled 'splitting time.' On opener “clone,” he deftly steers through tender trap, blown out basslines and bragging rights. He then pivots into the twinkling, sun soaked climes of “pretty things,” before moving into a self-reflective interlude where he briefly exposes his vulnerabilities atop a bed of murky downtempo productions.

In what’s maybe the most wistful melody on the EP, “just do me” is a collage of celestial chords and Drum & Bass percussion. Next up is “the process,” all staccato rhythms and whiplash production choices, equal parts Dashboard Confessional and Aphex Twin. The EP winds down with “never gets better,” a twilit meditation on hopelessness and heartbreak. It’s one of the sparsest songs of the bunch, it’s also one of the most effective. Skittering drums dance across a heaving bassline. Keys drip like diamonds and kuru is emotionally bare.

Production assists across the EP come at the hands of his many friends: elxnce, lunamatic, ginseng, MISOGI, nadddo, waifu, litothedon, slappy and ddertbag. All vocals were punch-in freestyles, no lyrics written in advance.