Jensen Sportag -Pure Wet


Nashville's Jensen Sportag create the type of R&B-brushed pop music that feels plucked from your uncle's Detroit living room in '89 and presented in the same tortoiseshell case it originally came in – smooth music, contemporary as it is timeless.

'Pure Wet' opens the EP with gauzy production, breathy vocals and a staccato pulse. At points the track is autoerotic, at other points claustrophobic. 'Mapquest' is a nighttime car drive that starts downtown, amidst city lights, and ends on a country road, miles away from the small apartment you call home. In its perfection, single 'Everything Good' is an unattainable 1950's date night, and 'Jareaux', an empty love story that sees its protagonist committed to something he doesn't believe in. On Pure Wet, the boys of Jensen Sportag remind us that we can be vulnerable without being overexposed.