Southern Shores -Atlantic


In step with the summer solstice, Southern Shores debut Atlantic, an EP of pure pop bliss and wanderlust, gravitating towards tropical coastlines and losing yourself in idyllic settings

Beneath the balmy surface of Atlantic is a series of songs with simple, resonant melodies. ‘Night is Young’ pulses with scenes from the best party ever – a bonfire, dancing, sea foam on sand, watching the sun set slow and then rise too soon, until suddenly, it’s not the fahrenheit or the far-away that matters, but only being here, being now. Ethereal vocals wash over marimbas on ‘Meridian’, while ‘Take Me Anywhere’s’ exoticism is underscored by sweltering synths and the hum of jet engines.

Cover art by Ian Baguskas. Artist photos by Mat Dunlap. Video by Jordan Beard.