The Road Chief -All My Love


The Road Chief began in 2008 as a DJ moniker for musician Mark McGuire and an outlet for his tribute songs to the late Roger Troutman. Since then it has grown to incorporate a wider range of unsung urban greats from The Controllers and Kashif to Mikki Bleu and Luther Vandross. 

The Road Chief’s debut full-length, All My Love, was recently written when Mark was living in LA and working on a film score. About that chapter he says, “while we would work, I’d get little breaks during the day and just drive around North Hollywood smoking weed and listening to the early mixes of the tracks. Those days for me were all about bright, sunny midday vibes, glass sparkling water bottles, coconut milk shampoo, sunscreen smells, the leather interior of the car getting hot in the sun.”

Special thanks to Dead Oceans for the greenlight on this special project with Mark.