et aliae -Rose


Raised in Singapore, et aliae was classically trained on the piano, developing an early appreciation for J.S. Bach – his polyphonic textures serving as the centerpiece for much of her studies. A similar admiration of Frederic Chopin blossomed, whose romantic era piano pieces convey complex emotions within their simple melodies.

In 2012 et aliae relocated to London to study design at Central Saint Martins and a more contemporary form of her music took shape. The tracks were undeniably special, pulling from influences as wide as dancehall and trap to commercial pop and modern composition. In 2014 she released her first actual track on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs compilation, ffb6c1, and simultaneously caught the ear of Cascine. 

et aliae’s debut EP, Rose, is a collection of crystalline, late night jams that reflect her diverse range of influences. Lead single, "Sober," sees her collaborate with the inimitable D∆WN (Dawn Richard) to deliver a downtempo ballad that's as heartbreaking as it is lovely. Across Rose's five tracks, et aliae's careful vision for the project becomes clear.