Oxblood -Teenage Crush (feat. Korallreven)


In the summer of 2015, a young producer named Oxblood reached out to Korallreven. He wanted them to know how much their music inspired his own creations. Over time a friendship unfolded and Oxblood began sharing early-stage material with Korallreven. Introspective and celestial, it was clear to see where the musical overlap took place. Korallreven’s contemplative arrangements were present in Oxblood’s music, but they appeared as mere brushstrokes - faint stars streaking the night sky. Oxblood’s material is distinct in its own right, pulling more from progressive house than pop music. Months later, following many emails and a hang in Brooklyn last fall, track “Teenage Crush IV” was born as an official collaboration between artists.

While “Teenage Crush IV” was taking shape, so were big changes for both Oxblood and Korallreven: Oxblood graduated college and released a stunning two track single titled, "How Long Is Forever." And in the fall of 2015, after releasing “Here In Iowa,” Korallreven disbanded.

“Teenage Crush IV” is released by Cascine and Gold River Entertainment.