Mt. Si is the LA-based trio of Sarah Chernoff (of Superhumanoids), Michael David (of Classixx), and Jesse Kivel (of Kisses). The three artists also release solo material under their own names, but together as Mt. Si, they craft refined and dream-inducing electronic pop.

Following their two EPs, Limits and 911, Mt. Si recorded their rendition of "Please Forgive Me" — a song of much personal significance to the band, and taken from David Gray's 'White Ladder' album which turns 20 this year. Jesse shared the following about their inspiration for the cover: 

"The year 2000. Sitting in the front seat next to my dad as White Ladder played on repeat. I did not come from a musical family but for some reason my Dad could not get enough of the song "Babylon." He had updated his '85 Mercedes station wagon to include a CD player that had a "repeat" button. We would sit in our driveway and play the song as loud as we could before and after baseball practice. Despite the "Babylon" mania, "Please Forgive Me" was always my personal favorite. The song is sad and melancholy but jitters in all the right ways. I distinctly remember watching the music video and enjoying the wacky drummer playing the beat with brushes. It's a moment in time for me and how many artists are able to say they created a specific memory for another person. Let alone a father/son moment. That's the power of music and why we wanted to put our own spin on a classic song."