Stealth of Days
Jensen Sportag

"We are just young vessels of messy biochemistry, 
not unlike yours and yours.
A lot of this, almost none of that, and something else.
We are trying to make a diamond, often making poison.
Like fallen power lines we are arcing and spitting in the streets.
We keep running down love,
2 fools on a quest for the fire that will consume us.
We are not storytellers but our hearts are open books,
a boy's library of the horny and half-daring,
absurd and incomplete.
Our words may be forgotten right after they're sung
but the feelings will follow you home,
and stand beside you in the dark.
We are the fellowship of all laughter,
and the urgency of tears.
We are sincere and uncertain, these are our truest qualities.
So stay with us, friends.
We will always try to make something better for you."

-Love, Austin and Elvis